Christmas Presents for Dad

Christmas Presents for Dad

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Dad is often the hardest to buy for at Christmas. The list is the same every year: Whisky, model boat, book, boxers, hat, scarf, socks, aftershave…we’ve bought them all before. But this year, with the Dad-themed presents from The Great Gift Company for Christmas 2015, we can be sure to add the wow-factor to our Christmas presents for Dad.

Have a look and see what you think. We’ll eat our hats (drink our whisky and chew our socks!) if your dad isn’t impressed…

Great Gifts for Dad

First Class Dad Mug (£8.00)

First Class Dad Mug

Tell your dad that he is "First Class" with this A-rated mug.

The words "Reserved for a First Class Dad" have been printed onto a dark blue ceramic mug,  that's been made to look used and loved.

Not quite first class? Perhaps your dad needs a few coffees of a morning before he is ready to step into his fatherhood role…

Dad Fuel Mug (£8.00)

Dad Fuel Mug

The Dad Fuel Mug is a great alternative mug for those Dads who need a bit extra powering-up in the morning (afternoon, evening etc.).

 The red mug with cream writing and the wording "Ministry of Chaps - super premium - dad fuel - 0-awake in 2.6 mugs - caution - may cause onset of old jokes - ear protection must be worn" will amuse any Dad.

Why not pair the mug with his favourite coffee, tea or hot chocolate for the ultimate Christmas day fuelling?

Dad’s Tin of Wonders (£8.00)

Dad's Tin of Wonders

Does your dad have a special drawer or place where they keep random batteries, coins from defunct currencies, random keys and bits of "sticky stuff"?

Dad's Tin of Wonders offers dads the opportunity to keep all these "treasures" safely in one place.

Dad’s Chair Ancient Monument Metal Sign (£6.00)

Dad's Chair Sign

Does your dad have a pride-of-place chair in the house? Perhaps in the conservatory or living room? Well, he can now have a sign to mark the spot…

A fun and amusing metal sign inspired by the vintage Steam Railway Company signs, the Dad's Chair Ancient Monument sign is traditional-looking and will definitely make him smile!

My Dad Is a Superhero Spoon (£16.00)

My Dad is a Superhero Spoon

A perfect gift from young children to their daddy! Vintage and unique, every superman dad should be eating his breakfast with one of these beautiful silver-plated spoons, which has been hand-stamped with the words "My Dad Is a Superhero". Because these spoons are vintage, signs of history are visible and the handles vary in design.

King of Daddies Gift Box (£20.00)

King of Daddies Gift Box

Let your dad be the King for Christmas day with the King of Daddies Gift Box!

Elegantly packed in one of our exclusive Great Gift Company gift boxes, the King of Daddies Gift Box really is fit for a King and contains: An inflatable ‘King for the Day’ crown, a ‘King of Daddies’ mug (with the words "King of Daddies" on the front and "also King of Cookies" on the back) and a jar of Dishy Daddy mixed jelly beans!

Want More Present Ideas?

Didn't find the right gift for your dad? We have lots more Christmas presents for Dad on our website - and they’re not all Dad-themed!