Christmas Present Ideas for Women

Christmas Present Ideas for Women

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Whether you are looking for a Christmas present for your mum, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife, your auntie or your Grandma, it’s not always easy to think up Christmas Present Ideas for the special women in your life.

At the Great Gift Company, our range of Christmas Present ideas for women are suitable for women of all ages and, at a number of great value prices, are a good choice for any budget.

We’ve listed five things that all women tend to love and matched a gift to go with them. Read on for five fantastic Christmas present ideas for women.

What Women Love: Christmas Presents!

1. What women love: A relaxing candlelit bath.

The perfect gift idea: Scented Candles and Diffuser Gift Set (£16.00)

Scented Candles and Diffuser gift set

The two scented candles have two different scents, white mulberry (a fruity and floral scent) and white linen (a blend of rose, lily, musk and sandalwood), and have been hand poured in the UK into shot glasses. Each candle has an eight hour burn time. The gift box also comes with 8 diffuser reeds and a 50ml bottle of fragrance.

2. What women love: To feel special.

The perfect gift idea: Her Royal Highness Gift Box (£22.00)

Her Royal Highness gift box

Make her feel like royalty with her Royal Highness Gift Box. Exclusive to The Great Gift Company, the Her Royal Highness Gift Box is presented in a re-useable box which is beautifully presented and finished off with luxurious ribbon.

Inside the box, it contains a Queen of Awesomeness Mug (for the perfect cup of tea and a confidence boost!),as well as a ‘Queen for a Day’ inflatable crown and a jar of "HRH Royal Jewel Treats" and "crown jewel" gummy rings.

3. What women love: Chocolate.

The perfect gift idea: Chocolate Fondue Set (£20.00)

Chocolate Fondue Set

The Chocolate Fondue Set has a bamboo base and the glass bowl with a silicone rim. The bowl is heated with a tea light, included in the set, along with four wooden forked fondue sticks for easy dipping.

Helpful hint: You will need to buy her favourite chocolate with the fondue set! You could even add strawberries and Champagne to the gift too!

4. What women love: Jewellery

The perfect gift: Live Love Dance Sing Bangles (£15.00-£52.00)

Live Love Dance Sing Bangles

Buy one individually, or purchase all four for maximum impact, the unique silver-plated Live Love Dance Sing Bangles each have an inspirational quote printed on both the inside and the outside of the bangle.

The quotes?

Live ... as though heaven is on earth

Love... as though you have never been hurt before

Dance ... as though no one is watching you

Sing... as though no one can hear you

Not only are the quotes fabulous and light-hearted, the bangles look ultra-stylish too.

5. What women love: Knowledge!

The perfect gift: Stuff Every Woman Should Know (£8.00)

Stuff Every Woman Should Know

A hand-bag sized book and a must-read for all women, from how to change a tyre to ten stylish pieces every woman should own, the Stuff Every Woman Should Know gift book is crammed full of useful knowledge that, to put it simply, all women need to know!

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