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Bottle of beer, boxer shorts, woolly hat, bottle of whisky, selection box of chocolates, a large Toblerone, a packet of socks…the list is endless and, dare we say it, a little bit boring.

So, here at the Great Gift Company, we want to say ‘goodbye’ to dad’s annual bottled beverage and the other half’s new ‘life experience’ driving a helicopter, and ‘hello’ to some new Christmas present ideas for men.  

We’ve suggested three ‘swaps’ you may want to make for a traditional man’s Christmas present, with one of our innovative Christmas present ideas for men.

Our 'Swap' List for Men this Christmas

Swap: A Bottle of Whisky.

For The Great Gift Company’s: Stormtrooper Decanter Glass (£24.99)

Whisky Decanter

The Stormtrooper Decanter Glass has an elegant and out of this world design, and offers a quality alternative to dad’s, hubby’s or grandad’s usual bottle of Famous Grouse. Get the Stormtrooper Decanter Glass here.

Swap: A CD

For: The Great Gift Company’s: Red Ukulele (£24.99)

Men's charging valet

Stop listening to other peopels music and start create your own! You can easily make some great music with this great intrument. It also comes a carry case so you can take it anywhere on the go. Get the Red Ukulele today!

Swap: Shower Gel and Aftershave

Form The Great Gift Company’s: Brompton & Langley Mens Roll Up Bag (£24.99)

Italian luxury leather weekend bag

This fantastic wash bag is perfect to help your man keep his toiletries all together. the bag is also made from faux-suede and tweed, making it look very smart and fashionable. Be sure to get the Brompton & Langley Mens Roll Up Bag.

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