Christmas Present Ideas for Men

Christmas Present Ideas for Men

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Bottle of beer, boxer shorts, woolly hat, bottle of whisky, selection box of chocolates, a large Toblerone, a packet of socks…the list is endless and, dare we say it, a little bit boring.

So, here at the Great Gift Company, we want to say ‘goodbye’ to dad’s annual bottled beverage and the other half’s new ‘life experience’ driving a helicopter, and ‘hello’ to some new Christmas present ideas for men, that he definitely won’t have seen before.  

We’ve suggested five ‘swaps’ you may want to make for a traditional man’s Christmas present, with one of our innovative Christmas present ideas for men.

Our 'Swap' List for Men this Christmas

1. Swap: A Bottle of Whisky.

For The Great Gift Company’s: Whisky Decanter (£85.00)

Whisky Decanter

The Whisky Decanter has an elegant and modern design, and offers a quality alternative to dad’s, hubby’s or grandad’s usual bottle of Famous Grouse.

Sitting on a luxurious base, the Whisky Decanter holds 1 litre of the amber nectar (or other favourite tipple) and is definitely worthy of sitting on a sideboard, drinks cabinet or being passed around even the smartest of tables.

2. Swap: A CD

For: The Great Gift Company’s: Men’s Charging Valet (£42.00)

Men's charging valet

The Charging Valet keeps phones, tablets and other gadgets in one, neat place.

With space for two smartphones or one tablet (or equivalent), the wires feed out neatly through the back of the valet. The Valet also features a shelf and a drawer that make useful storage space for glasses, cufflinks, coins and keys.

A modern, practical and versatile gift, the Men’s Charging Valet is undoubtedly an impressive Christmas present idea for men.

3. Swap: A Pack of Cards

For: The Great Gift Company’s Game of Thrones Monopoly Collector’s Edition (£35.00)

Game of Thrones Monopoly

The UK Collector's Edition of Games of Thrones Monopoly is customised and of the highest quality and an absolute must-have for any Game of Thrones fan.

Swap the traditional pack of cards for this extra-special version of Monopoly, for a brand new and exciting Christmas present idea.

4. Swap: Shower Gel and Aftershave

For: The Great Gift Company’s Italian Luxury Leather Weekend Bag (£275.00)

Italian luxury leather weekend bag

Ultra-luxurious, stylish and the perfect Christmas present idea for men, the Italian Luxury Leather Weekend Bag is crafted from the finest dark brown Italian hide leather. The bag features a spacious interior with an inner zipped pocket, the perfect size and quality for a weekend away.

5. Swap: A DIY tool kit.

For: The Great Gift Company’s Food Styling Tool Set (£42.00)

food styling tool set

Whether he’s a dab-hand in the kitchen already or you’re simply making a hint for him to experiment with his culinary skills, the food styling tool set makes for an interesting Christmas present idea and a change from the usual DIY hammer and screwdriver.

The Food Styling Tool Set contains everything for him to tweeze, tease, foam and engineer his dishes to perfection, all contained in a neat and minimalistic storage box.

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