Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

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Whether she’s 4 or 14, when it comes to choosing Christmas gifts for girls, it always feels like a challenge. You can’t buy make-up because you’re not quite sure whether to opt for a light sand or dark tan foundation, or whether she prefers Max Factor or Barry M. What’s more, you bought a t-shirt last year that she swapped pretty much immediately for a handbag.

This year though, The Great Gift Company have flown to the rescue with our Christmas gift ideas for girls. Here are our favourites for each age range:

Christmas Gifts for Girls of All Ages

A gift for younger girls (up to around age 8, depends on the individual though, of course!)

Stocking Fillers for Younger Girls

stocking fillers for younger girls

Christmas is such an exciting time of year for the younger girls out there and they are sure to be even more excited by our unique stocking fillers.

Containing no less than 12 items, the stocking fillers may be for young girls, but can fill an extra-large stocking!

The box of stocking fillers for young girls contains: A Microphone Hairbrush, a carry case with 50 Travel Games, a box of Sketch and Sniff Colouring Pencils, Hair Wraps, a pair of sneaker socks, a packet of Chocolate Scratch and Sniff Nail Stickers, a Flying Sock Monkey, a lovely Bracelet Making Kit, a tube of Cupcake Toothpaste, a pack of O.M.G Erasers and a feathered bird pen which is nesting on a bag of foil covered Milk Chocolate Balls.

We also have a range of stocking filler gift boxes available for girls and boys of any age. Take a look at the stocking fillers on our website for more information!

A gift for girls of any age

Jewellery Stacker (£18.00)

jewellery stacker

With a polka-dot interior and leatherette outer, the Jewellery Stacker is a great starting point for a jewellery collection; a box she'll be able to build on and expand in time. You may want to buy her a piece of jewellery to find inside the box too.

A gift for girls over the age of 11

Pocket Selfie Stick (£15.00)

pocket selfie stick

Does she love to strike a pose? Is she always in the centre of photographs that she has taken? The Pocket Selfie Stick is integrated with a button that allows you to take pictures remotely at the click of a button.

Incredibly easy to use, the Pocket Selfie Stick measures just 17cm when folded and fits into a pocket or bag with ease.

Camera! Action! Perfect!

A Gift for teenage girls

The Charging Valet (£28.00)

charging valet

Here at The Great Gift Company we also have a Charging Valet available for men (so perhaps she’ll have the same gift as her dad this year!).

That said, this Charging Valet for girls is extra-special since it has an integrated jewellery box, so she will have more room to store her jewellery as well as charge her smartphone.

The duck-egg coloured Charging Valet differs from a regular jewellery box, in that it has space for two smartphones or one tablet. The wires fit out through the back, making this a gorgeous and practical addition to any modern woman's boudoir.

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