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Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

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Okay, so family members may be slightly more understanding when our gift-giving efforts go horribly wrong. Our friends, on the other hand, may not be quite so forgiving! That said, our budgets are so often stretched at Christmas, our friends take a bit of a back seat…

That’s why, here at The Great Gift Company, we’ve got lots of Christmas present ideas for friends that won’t break the bank if you’re on a budget.

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From your oldest school friend to a current sports buddy or work colleague, take a look at the following Christmas Present Ideas for Friends that are sure to put a smile on their face this Christmas:

Exit The Game: The Forbidden Castle (£12.99)

Exit The Game: The Forbidden Castle

If you have a pal that loves a challenging puzzle, then they are sure to have countless hours of fun with Exit The Game: The Forbidden Castle. This board game brings all the intrigue and enjoyment of an Escape Room to your own home, as the player must solve multiple riddles to find their way out of 'The Forbidden Castle'.

Chellenge your friend by gifting them Exit The Game: The Forbidden Castle this Christmas!

The Pub - A Cultural Institution (£9.99)

The Pub A Cultural Institution

If you have a frind that you always hit your local boozer with on a Friday night, then what better gift to get them than this fantastic book by Pete Brown! The Pub - A Cultural Institution takes a look at some of the best pubs and taverns that are dotted up and down the UK, potentially giving you and your mate a new place to unwind on a weekend!

Check out The Pub - A Cultural Institution now!

BFF Friendship Organiser Set (£9.99)

BFF Friendship Organiser Set

Help keep that one disorganised friend in order with our BFF Friendship Organiser Set! This sparkling set of stationery comes complete with a spiral bound notepad, two sticky notepads, a pen, marker pads and more making it perfect to use either at home or in work!

So put a smile on your BFF's face this Christmas by gifting them the BFF Friendship Organiser Set this Christmas!

Smartphone Projector (£19.99)

Smartphone Projector

Kick back and bring the cinema to your own home with our Smartphone Projector! This fantastic gift idea allows you to transform your devices small screen into a 50cm to 99cm viewing experience that can be projected onto any flat surface.

This item is compatibale with any smart phone, so be sure to gift your friend the Smartphone Projecter this year!

'Come in if you have Prosecco' Doormat (£19.99)

Come in if you have prosecco Doormat

If your friend is always the one who is throwing Prosecco party's, then our 'Come in if you have Prosecco' Doormat is the ultimate gift for them! As well as portraying a hilarious message, this gift has PVC backing and is highly durable, meaning it will be able to withstand your friends Prosecco get-togethers for years on end!

So, gift your friend our 'Come in if you have Prosecco' Doormat this Christmas!

Rom Botanicals (£14.99)

Rum Botanicals

Finally we have another alcohol themed present to showcase, but this gift is more suited for those who love a rum based beverage rather than Prosecco. Our Rum Botanicals includes a variety of different flavours that are sure to enhance your friends drinking experience!

Check out our Rum Botanicals today!

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