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Choosing Your First Year Anniversary Gifts

Choosing Your First Year Anniversary Gifts

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Here at the Great Gift Company, we’ve been thinking about anniversary gifts and how our anniversary gifts match those for each year of marriage. We know how much thought goes into purchasing anniversary presents (especially the first one!) and would like to help out where we can.

As many of us know, wedding anniversary gifts change theme, depending on the year, for example a traditional 50th anniversary gift is gold and 60th is diamond.

Let’s start right at the beginning though, with anniversary year one (there will be more to come, we promise!). We’ll look at the traditional first year anniversary gift and the modern equivalent!

The Traditional First Year Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for first year anniversaries is…paper. Here’s what we suggest for paper first year anniversary gifts:

Paper Love Message in a Bottle (£10.00)

Love Message In A Bottle

A simple but lovely anniversary gift, you can be as romantic, rude or humorous as you like! Simply write your personal message, roll it up and put it in the bottle. Then seal the bottle with the sticker (which you can personalise) and hand it over to your loved one in the gift box.

Learn How to Make a Paper Heart

Origami isn’t exactly everyone’s thing but why not give it a go? It makes a great addition to your anniversary gift from the Great Gift Company! What’s more, there is no better or more relevant time to make an origami paper heart than on your first anniversary!

Here’s one way to make a paper heart:

  1. Start with a square piece of paper.
  2. Fold it in half by folding the top corner to the bottom corner, then unfold it.
  3. Then fold the left corner to the right corner, and unfold it again.
  4. Fold the top corner to the centre and the bottom corner to the top edge.
  5. Fold the bottom left and right edges to the centre crease.
  6. Finally, fold the top and side corners back to reveal your heart shape.

There are also loads of ways to make a paper heart you can find online that include images for simple instruction. You may want to check out the follow You Tube Video by EzOrigami if you would like to see an origami heart being made in order to try it yourself:

Butterfly Heart Framed Wall Art (£110.00)

Heart Framed Wall Art

This is our favourite here at the Great Gift Company! The “Butterfly Heart Framed Wall Art” is simply the perfect anniversary gift for your first year anniversary! It is a stunning piece of contemporary wall art that features a red heart shape, made from more than 300 individually cut red paper butterflies.

Mount on the wall in your new home to make your first anniversary even more memorable!

The Modern First Year Anniversary Gift

The modern gift for first year anniversaries is…clocks. Clocks mark the time you spend together and can be another great addition to your home. You might consider

Tick Tock Wall Clock (£70.00)

Tick Tock Wall Clock

Stylish and modern, the Tick Tock Wall Clock sits in a frame containing original, vintage playing cards which spell out the words "Tick Tock". A practical first year anniversary present with an added bit of sentiment too!

Whether you opt for traditional paper or modern clocks or other Unusual Gifts, the Great Gift Company can help you choose your first anniversary present. For more information or advice on Anniversary Gifts, call us on 0845 6531048.