Boozy Gifts for Christmas 2017

Boozy Gifts for Christmas 2017

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You can’t get a much greater gift than a Christmas present that involves a drop of alcohol. Whether you are a gin-lover, a wine taster, a fan of pale ale or a shot drinker, we’ve got the perfect boozy gifts here at The Great Gift Company. What’s more, a packaged, luxury alcoholic gift from The Great Gift Company is sure to beat a supermarket alternative. Check out the following boozy gifts for Christmas 2017 from The Great Gift Company:

Alcohol Gifts from The Great Gift Company

Prosecco and Chocolate Truffles (£35.00)

Our Prosecco and Chocolate Truffles gift box will please even the most difficult of family members, friends and colleagues this Christmas.

Offering a true taste of luxury, the gift box includes a 75cl bottle of di Maria Prosecco DOC and a box of Marsden's award-winning chocolate truffles. The combination of the rich choccies and the fruity Prosecco makes for delightful indulgence this Christmas!

Whisky Lovers Gift Box (£30.00-£42.00)

An exclusive gift box to The Great Gift Company, the Whisky Lovers Gift Box features whisky glasses, a whisky tips book and handy granite ice cubes. What’s more, you can now choose our upgraded Whisky Lovers Gift Box version that includes three miniature bottles of whisky too!

Port and Cheese Hamper (£40.00)

Port and cheese? Yes, please! Our luxury Port and Cheese Hamper will definitely be a winning gift, no matter who you are buying for.

The gift box contains gourmet cheese and biscuits, as well as high-quality Grahams Fine Ruby port, and will make for a delightful boozy gift this Christmas!

Gin-Tastic Gift Box (£47.00)

Unusual and delicious, our Gin-Tastic Gift Box consists of pink gin and boozy berries. What’s more, it is made in the UK. Perfect!

Two Bottles of Fine French Wine (£30.00)

A great gift for a couple or individual, the Two Bottles of Fine French Wine is a wonderful and boozy Christmas gift for 2017.

Not only does the gift box feature two bottles of gorgeous, high-quality wine, the bottles are presented in a wooden box with a sliding lid and rope handle. 

Boozy Christmas Gifts from The Great Gift Company

Browse our full range of fantastic Christmas gifts on offer from The Great Gift Company. If you are looking for more boozy Christmas gifts, then we highly recommend you take a look at the range of unusual Christmas presents we have available on our website. For more information on any of the gifts we supply, please contact us online or speak to us directly by calling 0845 6531048.