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Birthday Gifts for Teens

Birthday Gifts for Teens

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Whether they’re tired, troublesome or a true party animal, buying a birthday gift for a teen can be as difficult as the teenage years themselves.

From hair-raising moments to full-on arguments and fits of giggles, being a teenager can sometimes be challenging (for parents too, of course!).

Nevertheless, we can still make teenagers feel extra-special on their birthday, check out the following awesome birthday gifts for teens from The Great Gift Company…

Some of our most popular Birthday Gifts for Teens

Globe Light (£85.00)

Many young people want to go off and travel the world, but have to study and work to save the cash before they go.

The Globe Light makes for the perfect addition to any study, desk or bedroom and will act as a reminder for all that they’re working for!

Smart in stylish silver when off, the metal Globe Light burns a vintage-inspired washed brown when turned on.

The A-Z Dictionary of Dreams (£13.00)

A dictionary they won’t have seen at school, college or university, the A-Z Dictionary of Dreams is a great gift for teenage dreamers…

When we dream (which everyone does even if we can't remember them), we unconsciously reveal who we are, what we need and what we truly believe.

In The A to Z Dictionary of Dreams, qualified psychologist Ian Wallace, who specialises in dreams and the dreams process, explains the true meaning of over 12,000 dreams.

Batman Light (£18.00)

Do you know a teenager who is a fan of the Batman Vs Superman movie?

Inspired by the iconic bat-signal, the silhouette used to summon the iconic caped crusader, this stylish Batman mood light is a must-have for Batman, comic book and even zombie fans, with the eclipse light creating the Batman Logo.

Boom Pow Bookends (£20.00)

Perfect for comic book fans, these painted wooden bookends will be a colourful addition to a bedroom or study. They’ve got a true pop-art feel and will add a touch of modernism to any teenage bedroom.

Happiness is an Inside Job Plaque (£15.00)

Remind a teenager what happiness really is with the Happiness is an Inside Job Plaque. It is a wooden plaque that is finished in a rustic, distressed and shabby chic style. The sign says “Happiness is an Inside Job” and comes complete with two hooks for easy hanging.  

500 Words You Should Know (£10.00)

This is the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates language and being able to express themselves precisely, accurately and effectively…

 500 Words You Should Know features words you thought you knew (nemesis, decimate), some you should know (tautology, diatribe) and some that you might like to know (shibboleth, callipygian) plus many, many more.

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