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Back to School Gift Ideas

Back to School Gift Ideas

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Like every year, summer is flying by. At the start of the summer holidays you wonder how on earth you are going to entertain the kids for six weeks, and then before you know it, you’re a week away from the next school year and it’s a mad dash for shirts, shoes and HB pencils!

Here at the Great Gift Company, we’ve got a lot of brilliant gifts for sending them back to school. From funky pencil cases to a back to school gift box, we’ve got it covered! Here are 3 of our favourite back to school gifts.

Our Favourite Gift for the Back to School Girl

Brilliant for girls who love stationery and all things creative, the Back to School Gift Box (£35.00) is packed full of fun stationery and things to do.

Featuring sketch’n’sniff pencils, animal gift wrap, lippy markers, OMG erasers and a canvas pencil case, she’ll be the envy of all her classmates!

The only thing with this gift box is you’ll have to make sure all the exciting, creative treats don’t distract her from her schoolwork!

And for the Budding Back to School Scientist?

Send the kids back to school with tons of inspiration and eagerness to learn, with the Sticker Wall book of Science and Engineering (£7.00).

The Wall book tells the story of how humans have changed the world through ingenuity and invention from the Stone Ages to the present day. It can be read either as a book or hung on the wall to be studied and enjoyed as a piece of informative art.

Including more than 100 stickers, the reader can truly have a lot of fun and get fully involved in the scientific story.

With more than 1000 hand-drawn illustrations that highlight every major event in the history of Maths and Measurement, Physics and Chemistry, Biology and Medicine, Earth and Agriculture, Building and Invention, Transport and Communication as well as Sky, Transport and Space, the budding Back to School Scientist will go to back to school clued about science and its ingenuities.

The Best Gift for the Playground

The Bug Box and Magnifying Glass will keep your children entertained in the school playground and encourage them to get out into the fresh air.

They’ll be out in the wild and getting close to nature, capturing bugs and insects, keeping them safe in the Bug Box and then exploring them close up with the Magnifying Glass.

Ideal for curious young minds, the Bug Box and Magnifying Glass makes for an interesting Show and Tell presentation.

The Bug Box has a shutter door so that it's easy to insert and release the little creatures at the end of play, and netting on two sides so the bugs can be examined and watched.

For more Back to School Gift ideas, take a look at the Great Gift Company’s range of children’s gifts or give us a call on 0845 6531048.