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Alcohol Flavoured Lollipops

Alcohol Flavoured Lollipops

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Here at The Great Gift Company we are pretty excited about this new weird and wonderful product, Alcohol flavoured lollipops! The perfect mix of sugar hit and daytime drinking without the bad reputation and completely exclusive to us in the UK.

Now you never need to feel left out by being the designated driver again, with no alcohol content at all you can feel like you’re drinking when you’re not, be warned though, it is a bizarre sucking on a lollipop that tastes like your favourite beverage.

I was seriously cynical about how much these alco lollies could taste like the real deal, only one way to find out, give them a try. You get four different flavours in each set, so here goes:

Habernero Tequila- A spicy hit from the first taste which leaves your tongue tingling, if you like your tequila spicy then you’ll love this one.

Absinthe- This tastes of aniseed/liquorice as soon as you put it in your mouth. Really quite delicious for all liquorice fans out there.

Lager- Definitely one for the boys unless you ladies like a bit of lager yourselves, tastes strong and bitter but not unpleasant at all.

Chardonnay- In my opinion the best of the bunch, I like to think of myself as a well practised wine drinker and this one hit the spot for me. A very confusing taste sensation.

These Alcohol Flavoured Lollipops from the USA are fun and exciting and would make a great dinner party ice breaker or a gift for a drinker, or even a non-drinker so they don’t miss out on anything 

£10 for a set of four Alcohol Flavoured Lollipops, one in each flavour

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