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A guide to choosing the perfect wedding gift

A guide to choosing the perfect wedding gift

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Whether the happy couple would prefer your presence at their wedding to presents, most of us want to buy the perfect ‘something’ to celebrate the marriage of two people we care about. Sometimes donations to a charity are requested in place of gifts, but it’s always nice to buy a present to give.

Things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding present

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding gift, however, it can be difficult to choose a present. Traditionally, presents took the form of household items. Nowadays, many people live together before they marry, so they have everything they need in their house already. That’s why, here at The Great Gift Company, we’ve put together a guide to help you choose the perfect wedding gift.

Consider the couple’s individual circumstances

We no longer live in a world where all couples get married at the age of twenty-something, then move in together, have children and stay harmoniously in love until ‘death do us part’.

In fact, nowadays, many marriages are between couples who have previously been married, co-habiting spouses or even those who live apart.

Therefore, at The Great Gift Company, we think you should opt for a gift that suits the situation of the newlyweds. Don’t just opt for a set of new cutlery and a bread bin through good ‘old tradition.

Think about the size of the gift

A lot of newlyweds will already have their home complete with everything they need, so buying a present that’s too big will likely have no place in the home. Think of something small that will make a big impact and that they can keep on show.

Don’t give the couple gift vouchers

Trust us! Vouchers are boring. They may, at first, seem like the perfect gift, but in fact, are simply insignificant.

A memorable, unique gift that reminds the couple of their wedding day is much more exciting than £50 to spend in their nearest department store.

Consider a gift box or gift hamper

Gift boxes and gift hampers are a great gift, as they’re filled with a number of different gifts. We have a number of gift boxes and gift hampers available at The Great Gift Company that are perfect for a fantastic wedding gift.

If you do buy a ‘home-warming’-type present, then choose an item based on the couple’s style

If you opt for a gift for the couple’s home then you should, most definitely consider the couple’s individual tastes, their colour scheme and their existing furniture.

The last thing the couple will want once their married is to see colour-contrasting cushions scattered about their house or a retro toaster in a chic and modern kitchen.

Wedding gifts from The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company has a wide range of wedding gifts suitable for newlyweds. You can browse our range of gifts and find a memorable present perfect for wedding gifts. Here at The Great Gift Company we specialise in Unusual Gifts and we have what we think is a great selection of Wedding Gifts. You can get in touch with our team directly on 0845 6531048 or alternatively contact us online for more details on our choice of wedding gifts.