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8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas- for work, for friends and when you’re simply stuck for ideas!

8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas- for work, for friends and when you’re simply stuck for ideas!

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Christmas comes around once a year and brings with it good old secret Santa. A common idea in most workplaces, between friends and amongst other clubs and societies, secret Santa is a lot of fun but can also cause a bit of stress when you just can’t think what to get.

2 Secret Santa Gifts for Work

The Great Gift Company team have singled out two of our favourite potential secret santa products to help you in selecting the perfect gift for your colleague. So without further ado ,lets take a look at what amazing secret santa gifts our team have managed to showcase!

Catapulting Monkey (£7.99)

Catapulting Monkey

This gift could potentially result in hours of fun in the office, as long as the boss is not looking! Our catapulting monkey is easy to use, simply pull the cuddly monkey bag and watch him fly through your workplace!

To remove any Secret Santa concerns that you have and provide some office entertainment in the process, take a closer look at our catapulting monkey now.

'I Need a Day Between Saturday and Sunday' Mug (£10.99)

I Need a Day Between Sat & Sun Mug

One common phrase that we are pretty sure is thrown around many workplaces up and down the country is 'I wish the weekend lasted longer'. Well now you can poke fun at this on-going joke by gifting your colleague our bone china 'I Need a Day Between Saturday and Sunday' Mug!

3 Secret Santa Gifts for Friends

Now the work side of things have been taken care of, you may now be struggling to find the perfect unusual secret santa present for your friends. However don't worry, because The Grat Gift Company hacve your back here as well, so let's get into our top 3 secret santa gifts for friends.

1001 Cocktails (£9.99)

1001 Cocktails

Nothings better than relaxing on a weekend and sipping a few cocktails with your best friend, and now you and your friend can have a go at creating over a thousand tasty cocktails with the 1001 Cocktails guide!

6 Nordic Christmas Coasters in a Wooden Holder


Let your buddies encaptulate your friendship by displaying your favourite photographs together with this fantastic secret santa idea! Theese coasters are perfect for celebrating the festive season and are designed to ensure that their cuppa does not spill. To add this present to your secret santa shopping list, take a look at our 6 Nordic Christmas Coasters in a Wooden Holder now.

Adventure Fund Change Box (£16.99)

Adventure Fund Change Box

If you and your friends are not great at saving up, and struggle when trying to afford your dream holidays, then our Adventure Fund Change Box could be the beginning of a change in fortune for your friendship group!

To help you and your friends turn your pennies into pounds, add our Adventure Fund Change Box to your basket now! 

3 Secret Santa Gifts for Gift-Givers that are Simply Stuck!

The next group of products that are about to be showcased have been selected for those who currently have no idea whatsoever with what they would like to get a s a secret santa gift. 

Build Your Own Lie Detector (£9.99)

Lie Detector

This gift idea is for those light hearted groups, and can provide a bit of fun by being to identify who the liar of the group is! This product comes with step-by-step instruction to make it easy to build, so find the fibber by checking out our Build Your Own Lie Detector today!

1001 Quotations To Inspire You (£14.99)

1001 Quotations to Inspire You

This book is perfect for providing inspiration and helping keep spirits high. If your group is full of poeple who are always keen to better themselves, then our 1001 Quotations to Inspire You book is the perfect secret santa gift for you. Check out the 1001 Quotations to Inspire you book now!

English Cream Tea Hamper (£19.99)

English Cream Tea Hamper

One of the more luxurious secret santa suggestions within this list, our English Cream Tea Hamper is a gorgeous set that comes with an ettiquete guide for those who enjoy to be part of a high society for an afternoon. There are many different tasty treats that can be made with this set, so treat someone with this secret santa gift by purchaisng our English Cream Tea Hamper today!

A wide variety of Secret Santa Gifts at The Great Gift Company!

Need some more ideas for your secret Santa gifts? Whether you are doing a work Secret Santa or a secret Santa between friends, we’ve got the gifts you are looking for here at the Great Gift Company!

Check out our vast selection of fun and unusual Christmas gifts today!