8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas- for work, for friends and when you’re simply stuck for ideas!

8 Secret Santa Gift Ideas- for work, for friends and when you’re simply stuck for ideas!

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Christmas comes but once a year and brings with it good old secret Santa. A common idea in most workplaces, between friends and amongst other clubs and societies, secret Santa is a lot of fun but can also cause a bit of stress when you just can’t think what to get.

2 Secret Santa Gifts for Work

Drumstick Pencils and Pens (£5.00- £8.50)

drumstick pencils and pens

There’s always the one person in the office who can’t sit still. So, instead of drumming with a regular old HB pencil, why not provide him with the perfect drumsticks?

Office Stamp (£7.00 RRP: £10.00)

office stamp

Bring laughter to the office with the hilarious 4-in-1 Office Stamp, it will be sure to help lower the blood pressure of any hard-done-by secretary, PA or office worker.

 3 Secret Santa Gifts for Friends

Happy Dust Chocolate Shaker (£7.00)

happy dust chocolate shaker

Cappuccino anyone? The Happy Dust Chocolate Shaker will add a little sweetness to your favourite drink. Sprinkle on a hot chocolate, latte, mocha, or in fact any chai-coffee-mocha-latte- toffee coffee, for that added bit of luxury!

Salami Notes (£9.00)

salami notes

Perfect for friends with a love of gastronomy (or simply the bizarre!), the 1000 page note block, composed of the best quality slices of "salami" paper and is a real visual delicacy.

Life is too short to Drink Bad Wine (£13.00)

life's too short to drink bad wine book

Good wine is not always the most expensive. This entertaining and friendly approach to good wine is written by Simon Hoggart, the well-known, witty parliamentary sketch writer for The Guardian. Simon Hoggart has also been The Spectator's wine correspondent since 2001 and he writes not for the expert but for the enthusiastic layman

This book features a selection of 100 wines, from the quietly satisfying to the seriously sensational

3 Secret Santa Gifts for Gift-Givers that are Simply Stuck!

Bat Man Egg Cup and Toast Cutter (£8.00)

bat man egg cup and toast cutter

For Super Heroes of all ages, start the day the way all Caped Crusaders should - with and egg and Batman Logo shaped pieces of toast!

The branded gift box contains a Batman Egg Cup, Batman Egg Topper, Egg Spoon and a Batman Logo shaped Toast Cutter.

Gold Letter Mugs (£12.00)

gold letter mugs

Distinctive and delectable, everyone's going dotty for the stunning Gold Letter Mugs.

The Letter Mugs have a gold handle and a letter of the alphabet and comes presented in a lovely gift box.

ICube (£4.00)


A variation on the Rubik’s Cube, this puzzle cube features mobile phone app icons. The aim of the game? Get all nine icons on each of the six sides, at the same time - totally addictive and a nice change to playing with your mobile phone!

Need some more ideas for your secret Santa gifts? Whether you are doing a work Secret Santa or a secret Santa between friends, we’ve got the gifts you are looking for here at the Great Gift Company!