7 Lucky Dip Gifts for Girls from The Great Gift Company

7 Lucky Dip Gifts for Girls from The Great Gift Company

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Don’t panic about purchasing your Christmas gifts for girls, simply take a lucky dip on one (or two, or three!) of these fabulous and unusual gifts for girls…

1. Over the Knee Socks (£15.00)

over the knee socks

Showcase a great pair of legs with these awesome Floral Over the Knee Socks.

Made of the highest quality, the socks are feminine, fashionable and frankly fantastic... everyone who sees them wants them.

The Over the Knee Socks are beautifully made and also beautifully packaged in branded gift bags, making this the perfect present or, if you'll pardon the pun, stocking filler!

2. Cupcake Toothpaste (£5.00)

cupcake toothpaste

Does she love cupcakes?

Then she’ll love the Cupcake Flavoured Toothpaste…yummy!

It would be rather pointless to brush your teeth in icing, but with the Cupcake Toothpaste she can still enjoy the taste while keeping the dentist happy(er).

3. Nail Art Gift Box (£37.00)

nail art gift box

If she loves nothing more than doing her nails, experimenting with designs, colours and styles, then she'll love the Nail Art Gift Box, exclusive to The Great Gift Company.

The gift box includes a Nail Art Projects Book, a Nail Care Set, nail polish remover pads, a set of five rainbow bright nail art pens, a pack of Rock Bling for Nails and Nail Art Cuticle Tattoos.

4. Enchanted Forest Colouring Book (£10.00)

enchanmted forest colouring book

Published in March 2015, the Enchanted Forest Colouring Book is a colouring book with a difference and the perfect Christmas gift for girls with an eye for detail.

This stunning colouring book will take the reader through a quest through an enchanted forest to discover what lies in the castle at its heart.

The intricate and beautiful drawings are coloured in to reveal hidden objects and animals as well as secret symbols.

5. Little Secrets Box (£11.00)

little secrets box

She can put all of her favourite things in the Little Secrets Box.

With the words "Little Secrets" printed in black on the front of the box and a glass lid, all of her belongings will be safe in this wooden storage box.

6. Flower Press (£10.00)

flower press

Drying flowers is a lovely and interesting activity for children and makes a lovely Christmas gift for girls. Introduce them to this ancient tradition with this Flower Press and teach them to preserve special flowers and leaves. Pressed flowers also make fantastic pictures and cards.

The Flower Press is very simple to use and flower drying time varies from 2-6 weeks.

The Flower Press is made of wood, with wooden screw fastenings and round feet, to avoid the scratching of surfaces.

7. Girl Treasures Tin (£7.00)

girl treasures tin

All girls will love the Girls Treasures Tin. Every girl has a secret stash of special things: sparkles, love letters, mementoes, and probably something pink and fluffy.

The Girls Treasures Storage Tin is the perfect home for all these magical treasures. The words "Girls Treasures (sparkly things, magic stuff & something pink and fluffy)” are embossed on the top of the tin for the ultimate girly gift.

See, we told you not to panic! We hope you found the Christmas Gifts for Girls you were looking for (or lucky-dipping for anyway!).

Merry Christmas!

Love from The Great Gift Company x