6 Unusual Gifts for Men That You Wouldn’t Think Existed!

6 Unusual Gifts for Men That You Wouldn’t Think Existed!

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Gone are the days that a new pair of boxer shorts, a bottle of beer and a chocolate bar will suffice to impress a man at Christmas time.

That’s why, here at the Great Gift Company, we’ve got a range of unusual gifts for men that will be sure the get him smiling this December.

Surprise him with an unusual gift!

Take a look at the following 6 unusual gifts for men (honestly, you’ll be surprised!):

1. Six Pack Pips (£3.00)

Six Pack Pips

Is he now at the time of life when he can only dream of a six pack? Would he benefit from more muscle tone and definition?

Well, we don’t provide miracles but the Six Pack Pips may just help! He might not impress the ladies but he might take the hint - he takes as many pips as he likes and then crosses his fingers and hopes for the best!

2. Grumpy Old Git Mints (£2.50)

Grumpy Old Git Mints

Another budget gift, the Grumpy Old Git Mints are perfect for the man of a certain age who's always in a bit of a mood…

Although the mints may not succeed in brightening his mood, the sugar-free peppermints will freshen his breath and who knows - he might get the message!

3. Muhammad Ali Picture (£100.00)

Muhammad Ali Picture

Featuring Muhammad Ali and his saying "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee", the Muhammad Ali picture is perfect for any man's den, bedroom, study, living room etc.

The motivating alternative to the Six Pack Pips, with sayings like Ali’s on a man’s wall, he might just work hard for that gym-goer’s six pack.

4. Man Tin (£5.00)

Man Tin

A gift that will barely break the bank, the Man Tin is the perfect place for a man’s "essential bits and bobs", including toiletries, electricals, collector’s items, foreign currency from obscure countries, old batteries, keys etc.

Whether he is a junk junkie or necessities-hoarder, pair this gift with another small gift and you’ve pretty much got him sorted!

5. Shot Cartridge and Stirrup Cups (£25.00)

Shot Cartridge and Stirrup Cups

Is he a shooting enthusiast? The shotgun cartridge set includes eight individually numbered stirrup cups - perfect for shooting trips or anywhere where friends gather together and appreciate a quick sniffer.

A classic gift for men with a passion for country pursuits!

6. The World Atlas of Whisky (£35.00)

World Atlas of Whisky

The best accompaniment to a bottle of whisky (no we don’t mean a gin and tonic!), The World Atlas of Whisky has been described in Forbes magazine as "The perfect go-to reference guide for the whisky lover's bookshelf".

The hardback book features over 200 distilleries, 750 expressions, as well as tasting notes and full colour maps and photographs.

Any whisky-loving man is sure to love it! Forget the map and grab the whisky-filled atlas!

Not quite the unusual gifts for men you were looking for?

Find a huge selection of unusual gifts for men here at The Great Gift Company. If you are struggling to find gifts for men or need some assistance, then please don't hesitate to contact our helpful Customer Services team on 0845 653 1048 who are always happy to help.