6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Other Half

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Other Half

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The big, the bad and the beautiful…we’ve got Valentine’s Day gifts to suit everyone this year!

Whether you are a bit of a soft-touch and an old romantic, or the ‘bite-the-bullet’ and ‘I’ll just get-involved’ other half, check out the following Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to get your heart beating (in fact, your heart might just skip a beat!)…

Our Top Valentine's Day Gifts 

Love Frame with LED Lights

An absolute must-have for any couple’s bedroom, the Love Frame with LED lights is a wooden frame with a distressed finish and the word LOVE on the front, lit up by small battery powered LED lights.  


I Love You Gift Box (£35.00)

Who said that romance was dead? The I Love You Gift Box is exclusive to the Great Gift Company and the perfect gift to say ‘I love you’.

Okay, so that’s no surprise we hear you say, but, trust us, in this gift box is nestled lots of lovely surprises to make February 14th 2016 a super-special day for your Valentine.

The I Love You Gift Box contains a jar full of fruit flavoured heart sweeties with "Heart Throb" printed on the front of the jar, a vintage silver plated teaspoon with the words "I Love You" embossed on the spoon, a "I think that I could fall madly in bed with you" cushion and a love tokens voucher book, with 15 tokens to be redeemed at leisure. The vouchers are for everything, from "Breakfast in Bed" to "win the argument"!

Love XXX Frame (£60.00)

The Love XXX Frame features a heart with an inset vintage playing card showing the letter "x". The word "Love" has been stencilled across the glass in red handwriting.

The whole thing is set behind a thick, cream card mount and framed in a black wooden box frame.

His Her Piggy Bank (£10.00)

Start saving for your future with the His Her Piggy Bank. Drop coins into "His Money" piggy on top and the money falls straight into "Her Money", so even if he earns all the bacon, the money belongs to her....

Framed Butterfly Heart (£110.00)

Beautiful! The Framed Butterfly Heart is a stunning piece of contemporary wall art that features a heart shape which has been made from more than 300 individually cut paper butterflies.

Love Stamp (£5.00)

A Valentine’s Day bargain to seal the deal, the Love Stamp spices up plain old love notes with messages of love.

Why not stamp your Valentine’s Day card for the ultimate words of love (or to hide your handwriting if you are keeping your identity under your hat!)?

Phrases on the stamp are I (heart) you, I want you, XOXO, Secret crush, oh oh oh, no no no, sweet thing, love bites, let's make out, kiss me, call me and not gonna happen.

Warning: Use with care to avoid disappointment, heartache and awkward situations!

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