6 Mother’s Day Gifts from The Great Gift Company

6 Mother’s Day Gifts from The Great Gift Company

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Mums…they’re wonderful, aren’t they? So, why not tell her how much you love and appreciate her with one of the following Mother’s day gifts from The Great Gift Company?

Our Top Mother's Day Gifts

Mum as a Friend Sign (£10.00)

A lovely retro-style sign which will melt any mother's heart. The sign is black with white writing on it. It says “If I didn't have you as a mum, I'd choose you as a friend”.

One of our Mother’s day gifts that are perfect for those of us who are super-close to our mums, the Mum as a friend sign truly shows your appreciation for her.

Gold Letter Mugs (£12.00)

Is your mum a bit dotty? Then she’ll definitely be a fan of the Gold Letter Mugs. The stunning letter mugs have a gold handle as well as a letter of the alphabet printed on them, and come presented in a lovely gift box.

Faux Fur Huff (£23.00)

One of our best Mother’s day presents for a mum who always dresses elegantly, the Faux Fur Huff makes for a classic, sophisticated look, with an added touch of chic.

A cross between a hat and a headband, the huff is made from the finest faux fur, and is sure to keep you warm in winter.

Handmade and finished to the highest standard in the UK, the huff is a beautiful shape and has a versatile fit, due to its elasticated band (that is unseen on the outside).

Thanks a Million Teaspoon (£10.00)

She’ll know how much you appreciate her every time she makes a cuppa with the ‘Thanks a Million’ teaspoon.

The vintage, silver plated teaspoon has been hand-stamped with the words "Thanks a Million", and is undoubtedly one of the best Mother’s day gifts to say thank you this Mother’s day.

And when we say vintage here at The Great Gift Company, we mean vintage, in that, each spoon is truly unique, bearing marks from its previous life, which only add to its charm and character.

Mummy Rules Mug (£11.00)

One of our most simple (and absolutely fantastic!), Mother’s day presents, the bone china Mummy Rules mug features a big, pink crown and the words "Mummy Rules" on both sides of the mug.


And last but not least…(take a look at more Mother’s day gifts here)…

Runway Wash Bag (£10.00)

Let your mum know how much of a star she is with the Runway Wash Bag. Absolutely gorgeous, this generously sized and fully lined Wash Bag is guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

"Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway" is printed on the front of the Wash Bag. After all, all mums deserve some glamour and attention, especially on Mother’s Day!).

And, here at The Great Gift Company, our Mother’s day gifts will show her that she really does deserve to be the star of the show!

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