5 presents that make great stocking fillers!

5 presents that make great stocking fillers!

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As the days start to get shorter, we’ll probably be thinking more about Autumn than looking ahead to Christmas. However, if you start thinking about your Christmas presents now, you’ll save hassle during the festive month.

Stocking fillers are sometimes neglected but here at The Great Gift Company, we’ve got tons of gift ideas that will make fabulous stocking fillers!

Take a look at the following five presents that will make great stocking fillers for Christmas 2017. Buy them now and you’ll be saving yourself the boredom of traipsing around shops come December, when you really want to enjoy the Christmas celebrations!

Great stocking fillers

Credit Card Tool (£9.00)

The best stocking filler for adults (that doesn’t break the bank!), the Credit Card Tool is a multi-tool with 10 different functioning components.

The tool will fit in your wallet or purse, and ensure you will be there to save the day when those impossible situations arrive.

A similar concept to the Swiss Army Knife, the Credit Card Tool features a saw blade, a bottle opener, a ruler, a screwdriver, a position wrench, a butterfly wrench and more. Brilliant!

Jungle Pal Stationary Set (£15.00)

The ideal gift for school goers, they’ll go wild for the Jungle Pal Stationary Set. The set contains a pencil case decorated with animals and a glitter gel filling, as well as three animal pencils, a giraffe ruler and mini jungle animal erasers.

Back Seat Driver Mug (£12.00)

An excellent gift for that person in your life who can’t simply sit still and keep quiet when you are driving them about, the Back Seat Driver Mug is witty and nostalgic, celebrating those “helpful” backseat drivers who simply have to offer their motoring wisdom when riding as a passenger.

Scrabble Cookie Cutters (£10.00)

We love the Scrabble Cookie Cutters here at The Great Gift Company! Not only are they totally unique, they’re a fabulous gift for all ages.

They’ll make a change from the Christmas themed cookie cutters and they may even help young children learn their letters whilst baking.

Spell out what you want with the 26 cookie cutter moulds, in the style of traditional Scrabble letter tiles. How many points will you get for spelling out “Merry Christmas”?

5-a-day Chocolate Vegetables (£10.00)

Forget one of the mass-produced selection boxes from the supermarket and opt for the 5-a-day Chocolate Vegetables from The Great Gift Company.

They’re handmade from a combination of velvet-smooth Belgian milk, dark and white chocolate. Delicious!

Looking for more stocking fillers?

We’ve got lots more stocking fillers available here at The Great Gift Company, go on, fill your boots (or should we say, stockings!). For more information on any of our unusual Christmas presents, please feel free to contact us online today. Alternatively, call one of our specialists directly on 0845 6531048.