5 Gifts Every Unicorn Lover Needs

5 Gifts Every Unicorn Lover Needs

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If you know somebody who can’t help but me mesmerised by the magic of unicorns, then you’ll find them the perfect gift at The Great Gift Company.

Unique gifts for kids

Popular with adults, children and those in-between, our unicorn-themed gifts range from comfortable slippers to stationary items and more! We’ve picked our five favourite mystical presents that will make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts!  

Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn Slippers (£16.00)

With these slippers, all girls will be instantly transported to another world of magic and wonder. Available in one size that fits up to an adult size 7, they are wonderfully cushioned for ultimate comfort. Buy the Unicorn Slippers now!

Turquoise Rubber Ring

Inflatable Unicorn Rubber Ring (£25.00)

With a rainbow mane and tail and golden horn, the unicorn rubber ring is authentic and unique. It will offer the children hours of fun too, floating on the water by the pool or at the beach. Magical!

The inflatable also comes with a re-usable mesh bag which is ideal for taking the mystical creature on holiday. Order the Unicorn Rubber Ring today.

Pink Unicorn Soap on a Rope

Unicorn Soap on a Rope (£10.00)

Bring magic to every bath and shower with this little unicorn! A lovely candy pink colour with a pleasant cotton candy fragrance, the Unicorn Soap on a Rope is the best bathing gift for unicorn lovers. Give a bit of magic with the Unicorn Soap on a Rope gift.

Confetti Nail Polish

Unicorn Confetti Nail Polish (£7.50)

The sparkly nail varnish comes in a unicorn shaped bottle and is filled with fun confetti pieces! A perfect present for young girls or teenagers who love beauty, the unicorn nail polish is magical! Purchase the Unicorn Confetti Nail Polish now.

Unicorn Gift Box

Magical Unicorn Gift Box (£28.00)

If you know someone who loves all things unicorn, then the special unicorn gift box from The Great Gift Company will make their dreams come true! Filled with spectacular unicorn goodies, including a pencil case and stationery, marker pens and unicorn kisses! Buy the Magical Unicorn Gift Box for the biggest unicorn fan.

Get more magic from The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company have a huge selection of amazing gifts to choose from for any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or you want to say get well soon, our presents will do the trick. Shop the full gift collection and find the perfect present!