5 Christmas Present Ideas for Boyfriends

5 Christmas Present Ideas for Boyfriends

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Your man is sure to be impressed with the following 5 Christmas Present Ideas for boyfriends!

Buy one and you are onto a winner, two and you’ll bowl him over, three or more and you’ll no doubt be the highest scorer on the best girlfriend list!  

Festive Present Ideas for Boyfriends

So take your pick from the following five fabulous Christmas gifts for boyfriends:

Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures (£9.00)

Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures

Phwoar! An awesome gift for a body-loving beefcake who works hard at keeping his body trim and his six-pack and guns in shape, the Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures is a set of three bottles, each shaped like a man's muscled torso: Ab Oil (body oil), Peck Rub (moisturiser) and Gun Gel (shower wash).

The Muscle Miniatures are up for the Gift of the Year Award 2015 and are guaranteed to be a popular gift this Christmas, especially for boyfriends.

Beer Tasting Set (£20.00)

Beer Tasting Kit

Is your man a beer fan? Like most men, he’ll enjoy a taste of some fine beers with the Beer Tasting Set.

Complete with a bamboo wooden paddle for easy carrying, the beer tasting kit consists of numbered shot glasses that allow up to four beers at a time to be tasted between friends.

The kit can also be used to taste a range of other alcohols and soft drinks. It will be great for drinking games and Christmas parties.

Gadget USB Fridge (£22.00)

Gadget USB Fridge

Perfect for students, the Gadget USB Fridge simply plugs into his computer and will chill his favourite can of drink or chocolate bar. 

Just seconds after plugging in the USB Fridge, the cold plate chills to the perfect temperature for keeping the beverage (or bar) cool.

The USB Fridge holds a standard 330ml can of drink and takes 5 minutes to cool down to 8C (47F).

Waterproof Action Video Camera (£100.00)

Waterproof Action Video Camera

Ideal for adrenaline-junkies and real-life action men, the Waterproof Wide Angle Action Video Camera will capture all the action both above and below water (down to a depth of 10 metres), in High Definition and with high-quality sound. You can also use the Camera as a 5 Megapixel camera for still shots.

Make the Most of your Time on Earth Book (£13.00)

Make the Most of Your Time on Earth book

Well if you are going to spend the rest of your lives together, then you may as well make the most of it!

The Make the Most of your Time on Earth book is published by Rough Guides and contains a thousand unique experiences all over the globe, taking in all seven continents and almost two hundred countries.

Need More Present Ideas for Boyfriends?

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