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50 and Fabulous: 50th Birthday Gifts from The Great Gift Company

50 and Fabulous: 50th Birthday Gifts from The Great Gift Company

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A 50th birthday is undoubtedly an important landmark in someone’s life, and is often celebrated (well, sort of celebrated!) in unique fashion.

Because, at 50, we’re wise and wonderful, we’ve got tons of gifts that are simply fantastic for a 50th birthday!

Take a look at some of our best 50th birthday gifts that you can give them to start their fifties as they mean to go on…

Some of our most popular 50th Birthday Gifts

Bouquet of Sweets (£19.00)

They may well be fifty but they’re still super-sweet!

The Bouquet of Sweets contains no less than 20 (yes, that's twenty) sweets and chocolates, and is guaranteed to please!

Carafe with Oak Stopper (£28.00)

An elegant gift for a mature person in your life (yes, that’s mature…not old!), the Glass Carafe with Oak Stopper is an unusual 50th birthday gift to impress.

Not only does it hold up to three bottles of wine, it is equally brilliant for water, cordial etc. and just as much at home at a formal supper party as it is outdoors on a hot summer's day.

Chef Tablet Stand with Touchpen (£19.00)              

If they haven’t got a tablet already (let’s face it, many fifty year-olds probably do have a tablet, stowed away in their handbag or out on the bedside table!), then they should definitely have one as a present for their 50th birthday.

And the perfect addition to a tablet? The Chef Tablet Stand with Touchpen!
A good gift idea for anyone who uses their iPad or tablet for instructions in a messy environment or where they need to use their hands, for example, when creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.

With the Chef Tablet Stand there is no longer a need to get your precious tablet (or recipe books) caked in flour and mess. Simply download the recipe onto the tablet and use the touchpen, rather than dirty, messy fingers. Ideal!

The tablet stand isn’t just for kitchen connoisseurs either, it could also be useful for DIY enthusiasts who need to follow instructions, homemakers or indeed anyone who is doing a messy job that requires instruction.

Coffee Percolator (£20.00)

Do you know a fifty year-old who isn’t a coffee fan? We don’t!

The stainless steel Coffee Percolator will kick the day off with a lively start and is smart enough to be brought straight from the stove to the table. It is the perfect gift for traditionalists who prefer their espresso brewed the old fashioned way.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down (£190.00)

They might need this now they’ve hit fifty!

Help them fight away the ‘age’ comments with the “Don't let the bastards grind you down” frame. The Latin phrase for “don't let the bastards grind you down”, “Nihil illigitimi carborundum" is made up of original, vintage playing cards which have been set out to spell the phrase, then mounted on cream and black, before being set in a wooden frame, behind glass.

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And that's not all. You can view our full range of 50th birthday gifts online, or contact us for more information on our collection. Give us a call on 0845 6531048 to speak with one of our advisors.