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4 Great Breakfast Ideas for Father's Day

4 Great Breakfast Ideas for Father's Day

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Nothing will make your dad’s day better than starting it with a scrum-diddly-umptious breakfast, so I’ve put together a handful of very simple suggestions that you can take/leave/adapt as you please but whatever you do, spoil your dad this Father’s Day (Sunday 18th June)

American Pancakes

You just cannot go wrong with America pancakes (scotch pancakes) served with lashings of maple syrup and copious amounts of salty streaky bacon. Here is the recipe I used and it was ridiculously delicious!

150g Caster Sugar

100g Flour (plain or self-raising)

1 Egg

Splash of Milk

Sieve the flour and sugar and mix with a balloon whisk, add the egg and keep mixing until you have a dry mixture, then add a little milk at a time until you have a fairly thick smooth batter.

I used a spritz of one-cal spray to oil my pan (you could use veg oil on some kitchen towel), then wait for it to get really hot and ladle in your mixture, you don’t need a massive amount of batter, when your pancake starts to firm on the bottom flip it over until both sides are a golden brown. Repeat and repeat then  repeat again until you have used up all your batter or just get bored.

In the meantime get your bacon cooking.  When you have enough pancakes, either laden up a tray and take it to dad in bed, or if your dad is an early riser and beat you downstairs then sit him down at the kitchen table and surround him with your delicious pancakes, maple syrup and some of your crispy bacon.


 Egg Heart Toast

Simple but effective, a cheesy way to get on your dads good side with minimum cooking skills required.

 1 Egg

1 Piece of Toast

Salt and Pepper

 You don’t get much shorter ingredients lists than that. Cut a heart shape out of a piece of sliced bread, then get a frying pan nice and hot with a very thin layer of oil to stop sticking, I used the one-cal spray again. Now fry (toast) one half of your bread, when it is nice and crispy turn the bread and straight away break your egg into the heart shaped void in the middle, now just salt and pepper and wait. The egg should gently cook all the way through but if it doesn’t cook on the top you can always put it in the oven just for a minute. And hey presto “I LOVE YOU DAD TOAST” seriously, what is not to love about this recipe.



Avocado, Bacon and Egg on Muffin

The ingredients list is in the title but for those out there that are having an off day I’ll spell it out for you.

1 Avocado

1 Breakfast Muffin (I used Warburton’s thins instead to be healthy)

Bacon (Quantity is dependent on whether your father is a bacon fiend or not)

2 Fried Eggs

Get your bacon frying, then go about cutting up your avocado, if everything goes to pot or you’re feeling lazy just mash it up. Then get that muffin toasting (cut it in half before doing so), last of all start frying your eggs. As the eggs are frying away, butter your muffin halves, stick on some avocado, then bacon and then your freshly fried egg on top. Voila, you are a culinary genius and the addition of avocado for breakfast makes you look crazy and adventurous which will give serious brownie points.


The Assembly Breakfast

 Now this option is possibly a last resort but if you are five years old or can’t step into the kitchen without burning or breaking something then this is the option for you. There is no oven involved in the making of this breakfast, but some assembly is required.

1 Tray

1 Box of Cereal

1 Spoon

1 Bowl

1 Jug of Milk

 This is actually it, pour him a bowl of his favourite sugary cereal, put it on the tray along with the jug of milk and the spoon, and the box of cereal so he can top up if required, and you’re there! If there is anything lying round the kitchen like some flowers your mum bought put them on the tray too, or if you have something pretty growing on the window box outside put some in a glass and add it to the tray as well, anything that looks like you put in some effort is going to pay off with this one.

The only thing you HAVE to do with this breakfast option is serve it in bed, preferably with his morning cup of tea or coffee. Just putting the above on the kitchen table looks lazy, putting it on a tray somehow elevates it to thoughtful; don’t ask me why it just does.



So there you go, I have tried and tested all these options and they all went down a treat, but if there’s nothing here to suit you or your dads tastes then just make him something you know he’ll love. It really doesn’t have to be complicated or a thing of beauty, if it’s a full English he loves go for it, or just beans on toast. At the end of the day your dad could not care less what you put in front of him, just as long as you’re the one that put it there.

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