10 Stocking Fillers for £10 or under

10 Stocking Fillers for £10 or under

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Are you thinking about what stocking fillers to purchase in time for Christmas? No matter what stocking fillers you are looking for, you’ll find a range of perfect gifts from The Great Gift Company.

Our range of stocking filler gifts suits a variety of different budgets, some which are a luxurious Christmas treat and others which suit a smaller budget but still make great, fun gifts for Christmas!

Fill a stocking with The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company has picked out the ten best stocking fillers that you can grab for under £10 to make their stocking full of unusual gifts they will love.

30 Day Fitness Challenge (£7.00)

This fun 30 Day Fitness Challenge is great for a fitness fanatic or someone who wants to get back into shape and needs a bit of motivation! Filled with 30 activity tickets, there’s one for every day with a range of different fitness activities. Great fun and a fun challenge for 2017.

Gummy Bacon (£5.50)

The yummy Gummy Bacon is a sweet treat for anyone who loves bacon! Shaped into five wine gum rashers, it’s a fun and fabulous stocking filler, which will please anyone of any age this Christmas.

Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures (£9.00)

A stocking filler for the lads, the Hello Handsome Muscle Miniatures are a great stocking filler that makes an ideal addition to any gym back for a new year fitness regime!

Haynes Explains Teenagers (£7.00)

The weird and wonderful world of the teenager is explained by Haynes in this witty and humorous book. Haynes Explains Teenagers is a hilarious stocking filler for anyone who has a teenage child!

Beano Glow in the Dark Slime (£4.00)

Kids of all ages will love the Beano Glow in the Dark Slime. It’s makes a fun Christmas stocking filler for any child who loves messy, disgusting things to play with! The perfect way to gross people out!

iCube (£5.00)

The iCube is an innovative puzzle cube that is similar to the world-famous Rubik’s Cube, except this one features mobile phone app icons instead of colours. A fun stocking filler that is guaranteed to keep the kids quiet for a long time.

Bunny Night Light (£4.50)

The perfect stocking filler for youngsters, the Bunny Night Light is a soothing and magical night light that all children will love for their bedroom!

Man Tin Money Box (£7.00)

It’s common knowledge that men hide bits and bobs in places all over the house, including random drawers, ornaments, or wherever they can find a place to leave some “important” things. The Man Tin Money Box is the perfect solution to a this very common problem. With a slot for coins, it can be used as a money box or as a place where he can keep important things he needs.

Animal Toothbrush Holders (£8.00)

The kids will love brushing their teeth when they get their hands on the Animal Toothbrush Holders in their stocking this year. You can choose from a flamingo, a giraffe and a dinosaur to make brushing teeth a fun thing to do before bed time!

Unicorn Paperclip Holder (£8.00)

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, and you can make one a permanent fixture on your desk. With a magnetic core, this Unicorn Paperclip Holder can help you keep your desk tidy! Wonderful!

Stocking fillers for Christmas 2017 from The Great Gift Company

The Great Gift Company have a huge range of gifts available that make perfect stocking fillers without breaking the bank. Find an unusual Christmas gift for any stocking from our range of gifts under £10. For more information or if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, get in touch with the friendly and helpful team on 0845 6531048 or contact  The Great Gift Company online and we’ll respond as soon as possible.