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10 Reasons Why Your Dad Is A Great Politician

10 Reasons Why Your Dad Is A Great Politician

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With the General Election coming up next week, we’re all putting on our ‘politics hats’ in order to make the right vote on Thursday 7th May 2015.

Of course, here at The Great Gift Company, we’re also thinking a lot about Father's Day (Sunday 18th June 2017) and, as a result, have come up with 10 reasons why your dad would make a great politician!

1. He Loves You Unconditionally

Dads love their children, no matter what is thrown at them. Whatever kids might say or do (you may have even forgotten Father's Day last year!), a dad’s love will never change. Likewise, a good politician wants to do the best for society, even if they must take criticism and negative attention from the media.

2. He Takes Responsibility

A good politician must be pro-active and a good decision maker. Not only that, they should take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions. Dads take responsibility for their children as soon as they become a parent. They never get a day off (except for a bit of spoiling him with a special gift for Father's Day, of course!)

3. He Has Learnt From the Past

Politicians study history and historical facts in order to learn from, and improve on, past events. Equally, we’ve all heard dad’s family-famous ‘When I was young…’ stories and memories from his childhood. He’s shared them with us so that we learn from his mistakes and successes.

4. He’s an Excellent Communicator

Whether he’s telling you off or asking you to make him a coffee, dads are great communicators. Politicians should also communicate clearly to society and other political parties.

5. He’s a Good Disciplinarian

So he always got you to do your homework and be home by 11pm, it may have driven you mad when you were a teenager but discipline is actually an excellent trait of both a good father and a politician.

6. He Keeps Up-To-Date with Current Events

Dad loves his Sunday newspaper, and keeping up with what’s hot-on-the-press is also important in the work of a politician. So get your dad that coffee he asked for and let him put his feet up with the paper this Father’s Day.

7. He is Honest

Being honest should be at the heart of both a dad and a politician. A dad, however bluntly, will tell you if that dress is too short or if you should have easily scored that penalty. You can always rely on him for a trustworthy answer! Similarly, a politician should always be honest, avoiding hyperbole and misleading statements at all costs.

8. He is Courageous

A dad, to put it simply, would do anything for his children (and not just on Father’s Day!). Likewise, a politician must have courage in order to stand up for what they believe is right for society.

9. He Leads By Example

Stand tall and act as you see fit. Alright, so everyone makes mistakes. But Dads and politicians alike do their best to lead the way. Apart from legalities, it’s often down to a matter of opinion about the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways of living. Dads and politicians aim to show their children, and society, what they think is most moral (most of the time anyway!). 

10. He Accepts That His Kids Aren't Exactly Like Him

Above all, Dads are supportive and loyal. He accepts that his children are different to himself. By letting his children have the freedom to be who they truly are, he allows them to explore their own opinions and have a life of their own. Likewise, politicians accept differences in society and do their best to accommodate the majority of citizens.

So here’s hoping that this blog article has not raised political debate, but shows that your dad is more like a politician than you first thought! Let us know how your dad navigates the tricky balance between leading and listening.

If your dad has mastered the art of “political parenting” then say “thank you” with a special Father’s Day Gift this Father’s Day. Have a look through The Great Gift Company’s Unusual Father’s Day Gifts here and cast your vote your dad this Father’s Day.