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10 Best Father's Day Cards

10 Best Father's Day Cards

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to show your Dad/Daddy/Papa/Daddio/Old Man that you think he’s the cream of the crop; the head honcho of the daddy world; the world’s best father; the dad- shaped cherry on the top of the cake.

The Great Gift Company have searched the internet high and low to find you the ten best Father’s Day cards out there, whether you want soppy and sentimental or mildly insulting we hope you will find it here.

Special Father’s Day cards

1. Whether you’re an only child or you have a family as large as that of Madonna, we all know you must be the favourite child! Why try and pretend otherwise? So instead of hiding it, shout it out loud with this brilliant card from Heidi Nicole.

2. If you want your dad to remember what you look like (he may be of a forgetful nature) then the photo card is the option for you. There are many variations available but for a bit of a soppy touch try this We Love You Daddy Father’s Day card from Scribbler.

3. For something different for the techy fathers out there, it has to be a virtual talking card. We love “The Mane Man” ecard, featuring a very cool horse sporting a hip backwards cap. You choose the words you would like him to say and the voice is truly hilarious and guaranteed to make your dad smile. If a horse is not your thing Blue Mountain have plenty of other options for you. 

4. In the same vein, if you would like to make your own dad come to life in virtual form you can do so at JibJab. There is a range of video ecards to choose from and you simply upload your beloved fathers face to the one of your choice and watch him dance around your screen for your own amusement and hopefully his. Send it to him in email form and watch as he opens it and roars with laughter.

5. For those of you with very British dads this simple and patriotic card is for you.

6. If you’re a little hard up this month then all you need is a printer to take advantage of this freebie, just choose your card, click print, and hey presto, a homemade Father’s Day card!

7. If you would like to go one step further than card no.6 how about making your own card, cheap and full of sentiment - where can you go wrong? This website is full of fantastic ideas and tutorials for making your dad a completely unique card.

8. For the dad that loves food in equal measure to a good pun then this baked bean themed card will have you on to a winner.

9. If your dad is great then chances are you’ll be pretty great too, recognise those genes you have been so blessed to inherit with this sweet cartoon card.

10. If your dad is a hungry chap with a sweet tooth then this has to be the ultimate Father’s Day card, an edible one! Biscuiteers have a whole range of cards that come with biscuits attached to the front but this one is perfect for Father’s Day. It may be a little pricey but its technically a present and a card in one making it brilliant value and the perfect thing to show your dad just how wonderful you think he is.

Find a Father’s Day Gift!

Why not add one of our unique Father's Day gifts to sit alongside your chosen card - just to slam-dunk that you are "his favourite"? Find the perfect Father's Day gift from The Great Gift Company, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our friendly team on 0845 6531048.